2015 Wellness Workshops at Collins Chiropractic

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We know that chiropractic care is just one aspect of your health care and wellness lifestyle.  This part is what we do best and so our focus in the office will always be delivering the best, most comprehensive care available to make sure your nervous system is in top shape.  We know that removing interference from the master communication system of your body is what allows you to function wholly and with outstanding health potential.

We also know that there are other important tools that make up a whole, healthy and balanced  life.  This is where our Wellness Workshops come in.  Each month we will deliver a free workshop, open to our patients and community, that touches on a different aspect of healthy living.  We will bring in speakers from Burien and the surrounding area who specialize in a different area of health and can offer outstanding tips for creating your fullest and most balanced life.   These workshops are, and always will be, free.  Because we believe friendships are often formed over a meal, we start a dinner before the workshop at 6:30 that features the delicious meal creations of Heidi Pomeroy at Maven Mercantile.  This meal is served for $10 and is always delicious!  After that, the speaker goes on at 7pm, speaks until 8pm and is available afterward to answer your questions.

Our commitment to your overall health comes from our deep desire to see our community living a balanced, healthy and joyful life.  We want to see Burien become the healthiest community in the world.  Why not us!?  The tools are out there and we have harnessed them in to one great monthly workshop.  We can’t wait to see you there!  Click here to view our calendar of Wellness Workshops for 2015.



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