3 Reasons You Need a Wellness Check (Even If You’re Not in Pain)


You’re not hurting, so everything must be working perfectly, right? Not necessarily. You might be surprised to learn that only 10% of your nervous system perceives pain – which means there could be serious health issues forming without you realizing it. Even if you’re not in pain, here are three reasons why you need a wellness check, stat!

You need to adapt quickly

Our bodies have the ability to adapt to the environment around them, known as generalized adaptive potential, or GAP. If we weren’t able to do so, humans would have become extinct long ago.

The more healthy choices you make for your body, the better you’re able to deal with the things going on around you. When you’re bogged down by outside stressors, you need to be able to adapt to them quickly. But if your nervous system is experiencing an interference, your brain can’t effectively communicate with your body. So when minor stressors occur, such as getting the common cold, your body can’t adapt or heal as well as it should.

Having your doctor of chiropractic perform a wellness check-up can help optimize the function of your nervous system and ensure you’re properly adapting to everyday stressors.

You need to protect against pollutants

We live in a world with increasing exposure to environmental toxins, and our bodies have become receptacles for pollutants. Stuff like heavy metals in the foods we eat and nitrogen oxides in the air we breathe can lead to allergies, sensitivities and respiratory problems.

With the environment getting a little dirtier over time, it can inhibit your body’s internal functions and its ability to cope. We can only do so much to keep the outside from coming in. And while we can’t always change our environment, we can change our habits, like switching to organic foods and drinking filtered water.

One way you can detect what’s going on inside your body is by having a chiropractic wellness check. Your brain can recognize environmental threats, but it only works when it can communicate to the rest of your body. When your spinal nerves are compromised, your brain can’t talk to your body as well, and in turn, your body can’t perform at its peak.

You may not be aware of imbalances until they manifest pain in your back or elsewhere. By having a spinal check now, you can safely eliminate toxic stressors from your body long before they become a problem.

You need to catch problems early on

In general, by the time you’re in pain, it’s a sign that something has gotten pretty bad. Whether you’re experiencing a herniated disc or organ dysfunction, pain is your body’s last ditch effort to let you know something isn’t quite right.

For example, if you bend your knee or elbow backwards, by the time it hurts, it is bent way beyond the point that it should be. When you feel a stretch, that’s OK, but if it smarts, it’s your body’s way of saying what you’re doing is too much.

A chiropractic wellness check can help identify potential issues before they become painful problems.

You’re worth it!

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevention goes a long way. After all, your health is your greatest asset – and you were born to be healthy!

By taking care of your nervous system, you’re making a commitment to your lifelong wellness. So why not get a wellness check this month? Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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