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“From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated with kindness and respect. I came in with such pain; I had been told by a doctor and a surgeon that nothing could help me, except maybe time.Frustrated with that answer, I decided to take a different approach. I was a person who never thought they would go to a chiropractor, but I received call from Dr. Collins on the evening of my first visit and he told me that he could help and that I could get better. Every visit since then, I have been treated with the same kindness, respect and hope and well as continued education about my health and well-being. After taking some x-rays, I found out that my lower back had no curve. Dr. Collins and Dr. Wade explained the cause of my pain and what needed to change in my spine. They laid out a care plan that seemed reasonable and sensitive to my pain. I saw success pretty quickly, reinforcing that I had made a good decision. I came in with pain levels around a 7/10 and today there are times when I am in no pain at all and never more than 2/10. Dr. Wade helped me get through plateaus by trying different approaches and techniques- he always made me feel like there was something else to try, always listening to me. Now, I have the correct curvatures in my neck and back and space between my discs where I had very little. I have people come up to me, saying that I look different, better…somehow more healthy and lighter in spirit. They ask and I share about my life changes: food choices, supplements vs. prescriptions and taking ownership of my health. It was a choice to commit to chiropractic and massage as part of my good health routine, a choice I am very grateful I have made. I have learned and experienced first-hand how chiropractic care addresses and improves my health and prevents illness.” -Colleen


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