Gary’s Story

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“I decided to start getting care after meeting Dr. Wade at church; I wanted to find out if he could help me with my low back and neck pain. When I talked with him, he seemed like a trustworthy and honest person. When I got to Collins Chiropractic, everyone was wonderful to deal with. I felt like I was the only patient there and that everyone cared about me and how I was doing. Since then I have had so many changes: I do not suffer from neck and low back pain like I used to, I am sleeping better and my headaches have been reduced. What I really thought was cool though was I got my height back. Over the last two years, at my last check up, my doctor told me I had shrunk 1.5”. Since doing care, I have gained those inches back! I also learned how that the health of your spine determines your overall health. If our spine is in good alignment, it helps our immune system, energy levels, pain reduction and overall well-being.” -Gary


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