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“I first became interested in coming to Collins Chiropractic because of the way I was presented with help for my scoliosis. Then I was hit by a car and had severe, body wide pains. I came in, nauseated from pain and feeling depressed because of them and improvements started happening with the first adjustment. I’ve learned so many things about my body since then! How to take care of my body, conditions that can be helped by chiropractic, a class on his therapy techniques and what to expect from care; it’s just been one educational experience after another. After treating, I’m able to sleep comfortably and have learned how to care for my plantar fasciitis to control the discomfort. Some of these problems have been decades in the making! Because of the care I received, I decided to bring my children in. My son has epilepsy and his neck curve has now been corrected enough that we hope he’ll be able to be off his seizure medication within 2 years. My kids are always welcome. They are talked to in ways that show they are important and let them know they are listened to and cared for. The office is a very inviting and extremely friendly place. It feels like going to visit friends instead of going to the doctor. We are so thankful for the care we’ve gotten and it’s ALWAYS a great day at Collins Chiropractic!” -Karen


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