Did You Know We Have a Nursing Mom’s Room?

Chiropractic, Moms


You read that right.  We have a room at Collins Chiropractic devoted entirely to nursing mothers and their babies.  It includes a well-stocked changing table, a TV, comfortable chairs, and a Boppy.  We believe that breastfeeding is best and we want to encourage easy nursing when you are at our office.  You are of course always welcome to nurse anywhere in the office but we created this quiet space to be a place where babies can nurse away from the energy of a busy office and the joyful noise of small children.  Oftentimes when mothers bring their young infants to our office with feeding problems, the answer lies in an adjustment that restores full range of motion to the infant spine, and allows the baby to turn her head without strain and nurse with ease.  Our office is the place where a baby may be able to finally nurse freely and easily for the first time.  So we have created a sacred space for this moment of bonding, where mom and baby can connect after an adjustment and find a peaceful place to restart their nursing (and thus bonding) journey.




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