Rewards That Aren’t Food

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If you read my last post (read it here) you know that I am on the Whole30 and struggling with ways to “toast” my successes on the program without turning to junk food.  You would also know that I weaned myself from junk food to healthy celebrations.

But then I wanted to try rewarding myself with things that weren’t food at all.  So I got to work on a list of options.  It turns out these are a lot of fun too!  And the self care has been really good for me.


  • Get a manicure. Or give myself one at home. (I have 3 small kids so this rarely happens).
  • Buy a new song on iTunes. Or heck, if funds allow go for an album!
  • Take a bath with really yummy essential oils.
  • Take a walk by my self! Again, 3 kids here, so that doesn’t happen often but I was able to get my sweet husband on board and he takes kid duty. I like to go to the beach near my house.
  • Journal! Writing about my successes allows me to experience them on two different levels. Pick up a pretty journal that makes you feel good when you look at it!
  • Reward myself with an hour of Pinterest time. Seriously…I’m addicted and I have to limit my time. An hour on Pinterest is like Christmas morning!


Your list will look different than mine but I hope this encourages you if you are struggling with the desire to reward goals with food. This is a challenging journey but it is getting easier slowly but surely.


In good health!




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