Danae’s Story

“I was struggling with infertility, severe migraine and knee pain. Now I have two girls, less frequent/less severe migraine and I can run again!” #WhyChiropractic

“My husband and I started seeing Burien Wellness about a year before becoming pregnant with twin girls. Carrying twins was hard and physically taxing, but Dr. Collins made sure I stayed healthy and balanced throughout the pregnancy. A couple weeks after the twins were born, one twin was still struggling to latch and nurse, despite help from a lactation consultant and pediatrician. Dr. Collins gently adjusted her, and immediately afterward, she nursed (and she’s been a great eater ever since)!

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… With the other twin, we had ongoing struggles with colic, severe reflux, restless leg syndrome, and sensory processing disorder. Dr. Collins and Dr. Blackburn have walked beside us, helping to calm her when her nervous system would get overloaded, researching and talking with peers to in order to best help her, and offering support and encouragement. The rest of the staff have been kind, caring, and incredibly helpful to our family. The twins are now healthy, happy two year olds who love coming to “play” at Collins Chiropractic. When we first found Dr. Collins, my husband and I were both struggling with severe migraines, and I needed help with infertility and chronic knee pain. Now three years later, we have healthy twin girls, less frequent and less severe migraines, a healthier lifestyle, and I no longer have knee pain (and am able to run again)!” -Danae

Karen’s Story

“I’m able to sleep comfortably and have learned how to care for my plantar fasciitis to control the discomfort!” #WhyChiropractic

“I first became interested in coming to Burien Wellness because of the way I was presented with help for my scoliosis. Then I was hit by a car and had severe, body wide pains. I came in, nauseated from pain and feeling depressed because of them and improvements started happening with the first adjustment. I’ve learned so many things about my body since then!

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… How to take care of my body, conditions that can be helped by chiropractic, a class on his therapy techniques and what to expect from care; it’s just been one educational experience after another. After treating, I’m able to sleep comfortably and have learned how to care for my plantar fasciitis to control the discomfort. Some of these problems have been decades in the making! Because of the care I received, I decided to bring my children in. My son has epilepsy and his neck curve has now been corrected enough that we hope he’ll be able to be off his seizure medication within 2 years. My kids are always welcome. They are talked to in ways that show they are important and let them know they are listened to and cared for. The office is a very inviting and extremely friendly place. It feels like going to visit friends instead of going to the doctor. We are so thankful for the care we’ve gotten and it’s ALWAYS a great day at Burien Wellness!” -Karen

Nancy’s Story

“Blood pressure dropped by 10-15 and no more seasonal allergies!” #WhyChiropractic

“I originally began coming to try and alleviate my severe pain/sciatica. Once that went away, I was pleasantly surprised when my blood pressure dropped 10-15 points (without medication!) and my seasonal allergies went away. I read a lot so I had some knowledge about chiropractic but I learn something new each visit. 

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… I especially like the articles they pass out and the monthly classes. I look forward to every visit. In addition to my changes, everyone at Burien Wellness is warm and caring along with being true professionals.” -Nancy

Lorrie’s Story

“My 4 month old baby wasn’t eating or sleeping until she got adjusted. Now she’s healthy, happy, and thriving!” #WhyChiropractic

“Elsa was 4 months old when she first came to Dr. Collins. I was at my wits end with different diagnoses of Colic, reflux, gastro intestinal problems. She wouldn’t eat or sleep and neither was anyone else. I asked a friend what she would do and after working with one of Dr. Collins’ colleagues she suggested Chiropractic. I thought it was a little crazy but after speaking with him and seeing him (the next day) I was convinced. She was a different baby after the first visit!!!! It was amazing. 

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… He explained that possibly she had a vertebrae in her neck out, caused by the traumatic emergency c-section. I don’t know the cause of the trauma or care to speculate, but this has changed our lives!! My son also came to see him (boys get injured often) and it has helped with his eczema as well as other allergies he has suffered in his short 7 years. We continued to see him regularly for about a year and I am so thankful for the progress and healing I have witnessed. My pediatrician has no explanation as to why this has helped my kids so much, but I will tell anyone who will listen that this works.

Thank you Dr. Collins and staff!!! We love you” -Lorrie, Ian and Elsa

Debbie’s Story

“I used to wake up every night. Now I sleep through the night!” #WhyChiropractic

“Burien Wellness has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is friendly. All staff members have a smile on their face and are willing to help with anything I need. I look forward to seeing them each visit. I was referred by my previous chiropractor who retired and the results have been great! I have never done postural exercises or traction before and I’m glad that they have become part of my care plan and wow, what a big change! I sleep through the night more- I used to wake up almost every night until this new regimen of care. 

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… I didn’t know that I could be part of my spinal correction and now my low back is almost perfectly aligned!” -Debbie

Adam’s Story

“I no longer need blood pressure medication!” #WhyChiropractic

“A friend told me about Dr. Collins and how he helped her and after beginning care here I learned that it’s not just about fixing your back; it’s about keeping your body healthy. With the care that I have been receiving here I now no longer need to take my blood pressure medication! The environment here is always friendly filled with nice people and patients!” -Adam

Fred’s Story

“my back and hip don’t hurt! I’m maintaining changes well!” #WhyChiropractic

“Everyone here is very courteous and friendly. I began chiropractic here to maintain my level of health, but I am finding it helpful in improving my health as well. I feel educated in how to care for my spine.

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… I also find the nutritional information available in very informative. Since I started here, I’ve gotten pain relief for my back and hip. Because I have been diligent in my wellness care (every 2 weeks), the changes that I got on x-ray are maintaining well!” -Fred

Gary’s Story

“Gained a stronger immune system, energy, and 1.5 inches in height!” #WhyChiropractic

“I decided to start getting care after meeting Dr. Wade at church; I wanted to find out if he could help me with my low back and neck pain. When I talked with him, he seemed like a trustworthy and honest person. When I got to Burien Wellness, everyone was wonderful to deal with. I felt like I was the only patient there and that everyone cared about me and how I was doing. 

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… Since then I have had so many changes: I do not suffer from neck and low back pain like I used to, I am sleeping better and my headaches have been reduced. What I really thought was cool though was I got my height back. Over the last two years, at my last check up, my doctor told me I had shrunk 1.5”. Since doing care, I have gained those inches back! I also learned how that the health of your spine determines your overall health. If our spine is in good alignment, it helps our immune system, energy levels, pain reduction and overall well-being.” -Gary

Colleen’s Story

“People tell me I look different… more healthy and lighter in spirit!” #WhyChiropractic

“From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated with kindness and respect. I came in with such pain; I had been told by a doctor and a surgeon that nothing could help me, except maybe time. Frustrated with that answer, I decided to take a different approach. I was a person who never thought they would go to a chiropractor, but I received call from Dr. Collins on the evening of my first visit and he told me that he could help and that I could get better. Every visit since then, I have been treated with the same kindness, respect and hope…

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… and well as continued education about my health and well-being. After taking some x-rays, I found out that my lower back had no curve. Dr. Collins and Dr. Wade explained the cause of my pain and what needed to change in my spine. They laid out a care plan that seemed reasonable and sensitive to my pain. I saw success pretty quickly, reinforcing that I had made a good decision. I came in with pain levels around a 7/10 and today there are times when I am in no pain at all and never more than 2/10. Dr. Wade helped me get through plateaus by trying different approaches and techniques- he always made me feel like there was something else to try, always listening to me. Now, I have the correct curvatures in my neck and back and space between my discs where I had very little. I have people come up to me, saying that I look different, better…somehow more healthy and lighter in spirit. They ask and I share about my life changes: food choices, supplements vs. prescriptions and taking ownership of my health. It was a choice to commit to chiropractic and massage as part of my good health routine, a choice I am very grateful I have made. I have learned and experienced first-hand how chiropractic care addresses and improves my health and prevents illness.” -Colleen

Madge’s Story

“changing my posture changed my whole life!” #WhyChiropractic

“I transferred from another clinic and I am so glad that I did! I had never had any x-rays taken of me in all the 50 years I’ve been going to chiropractic and the x-rays they took changed everything for me. 

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… They are what told me where and what needed to be changed. My spine was way out of line and in only 10 weeks (for me) my spine was back in line again. I give Burien Wellness an A+!” -Madge

Glenna’s Story

“sleeping more and a lot more energy!” #WhyChiropractic

“I first starting receiving care because of my neck, back and shoulder problems. What kept me coming back were the results I experienced. I no longer have shoulder problems. My lower back pain is greatly diminished- I’d say by 85-90%. My neck has much greater flexibility than before. I have a lot more energy…

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… I’m sleeping better and my elimination (which has always been a problem) has regulated itself!  I also continued coming because of the support I felt by the staff. I feel welcomed as soon as I walk in the door and I feel like the entire staff is interested in me as a whole person. They want to see that I get the best of care. It’s a very friendly, family atmosphere. With the open floor, I get to interact with other patients so we can encourage each other. At my last re-x-ray, the curve in my back is normal now and he curve in my neck (which I previously did not have) is now within 5% of normal. But real health is more than just coming for adjustments and massage. The whole body needs to be paid attention to; it’s nutrition, attitude, emotions, etc. They all have an effect on our well being. Thank you Collins Chiropractic. You are the best!!!” -Glenna