We appreciate YOU!

Burien, Chiropractic

Each year my wife and I take time to reflect on how our business came to be and how it has grown and changed over the years. And each time we sit down with a grateful heart to consider where things are, we are reminded that what makes this place tick is you. Our patients are the reason the lights stay on, our team is employed, and that our hearts are just so darn full.

So we set a month aside each year to appreciate you and let you know just how very much you mean to us. It’s a month when our little “love notes” to you take over the walls of the office, when our wellness workshop (sign-up here) is about just how healthy it is to be grateful for what you have, and when we host a day where your adjustment is on us…and it’s just one great big chiropractic party. It’s time for Patient Appreciation Day!

This year we will celebrate with you on Wednesday, November 25th. It’s so fitting because the next day marks a holiday designed around gratitude (well gratitude and turkey…and stuffing…mmmmmm…stuffing).

Come on in, let us care for you on the house, feed you some tasty snacks, and tell you just how much we love you. Because you all really are the heart and soul of this place. Thank you for making my job feel an awful lot like a hobby.

– Dr. Collins


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