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Meet Chiropractor Dr. Aaron Collins of Burien Wellness in Burien, WA.

Meet Dr. Aaron Collins

I grew up the son of a chiropractor in Ohio and my dad was my hero. I always knew I wanted to help people in the amazing and natural way he did. After years of reading “Outside” magazine and being drawn in by the pictures and stories of mountains and evergreens, I knew the beautiful Pacific Northwest was where I would make my home and go about changing the world in the best way I knew how.

So after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic I came to Seattle and studied postural correction through Chiropractic Biophysics. I opened a practice in Burien at the end of my 3-year associateship and married my wife, Erin. We bought a home here and proceeded to fill it with three beautiful children, all very energetic little boys.

This is where my chiropractic perspective started to shift. One of our little boys became ill and suffered some neurological damage. We praise God that it was mild and our sweet, punky little boy is still with us. But we saw firsthand the pain parents suffer when their little one is ill. And we saw the miracle of a tiny, young nervous system rebuilding itself bit by bit. We know that our youngest patients are the quickest healers and have seen chiropractic adjustments “turn on the lights” in our own little guy and we want to bring hope and health to other families. We know that starting children out healthy and keeping nervous system interference to a minimum is easier than fixing illness later in life.

So my why changed. We turned our office into a child-friendly, family-centered environment. My training in Chiropractic Biophysics is why I know that postural correction is the most amazing course of care for impacted adults. But I also know that starting children out on the path to wellness early will keep them strong and negate the need for more complex intervention later. And isn’t that what preventative care is all about? Kids deserve the best, healthiest life we can give them. My own children and the children in my community are my why.

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