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We Help People Discover The Root Cause Of What Is Holding Them Back And Regain The Freedom To Do What They Love

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Chiropractor Burien WA

We Believe You Were Born To Be Healthy

Best Chiropractor For Infants and Babies Near Me in Burien, WA.
  • Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
  • Are you looking to increase your families level of health?
  • Are you frustrated by not being able to do what you love to do?
  • Are you looking to uncover the root problem that is holding you back?
  • Are you looking for more energy, focus, and health?
  • Do you feel like you have tried everything and are not getting the answer?


My husband and I started seeing Burien Wellness about a year before becoming pregnant with twin girls. Carrying twins was hard and physically taxing, but Dr. Collins made sure I stayed healthy and balanced throughout the pregnancy. A couple weeks after the twins were born, one twin was still struggling to latch and nurse, despite help from a lactation consultant and pediatrician. Dr. Collins gently adjusted her, and immediately afterward, she nursed (and she’s been a great eater ever since)!


I first became interested in coming to Burien Wellness because of the way I was presented with help for my scoliosis. Then I was hit by a car and had severe, body wide pains. I came in, nauseated from pain and feeling depressed because of them and improvements started happening with the first adjustment. I’ve learned so many things about my body since then!


I originally began coming to try and alleviate my severe pain/sciatica. Once that went away, I was pleasantly surprised when my blood pressure dropped 10-15 points (without medication!) and my seasonal allergies went away. I read a lot so I had some knowledge about chiropractic but I learn something new each visit.

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The Burien Wellness Difference

Find the Root Cause

Our clinical process starts with an in depth consultation with one of our doctors. We work together to uncover what your symptoms are telling us by using digital x-ray and advanced insight scanning technology.


Now that we have identified your root cause we work together to create a customized plan based upon your goals. Your specialized plan will optimize your structure, function and quality of life.


At Burien Wellness we believe you were born to be healthy. Your body has an amazing ability to heal, by the root cause and investing in your customized plan, your health transformation begins. We are excited to partner with you one this journey.

Burien Wellness Can Help All Types Of Patients & Conditions

Chiropractor For Seniors Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractic Care For Seniors.
Family Health
Neck Pain Treatment Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For Neck Pain Relief.
Neck Pain
Headaches Treatment Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For Headache Relief.
Pediatric Chiropractor For Kids Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractic Care For Kids.
Sports Chiropractor For Athletes in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For Treatment of Sports Injuries.
Young Athletes
Scoliosis Treatment Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For Scoliosis Pain Relief.
Pregnancy Chiropractor For Pregnant Moms Near Me in Burien, WA.
Post Partum
TMJ Dysfunction Treatment Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For TMJ Pain Relief.

About The Doctors

Meet Chiropractor Dr. Aaron Collins of Burien Wellness in Burien, WA.

Meet Dr. Collins

I grew up the son of a chiropractor in Ohio and my dad was my hero. I always knew I wanted to help people in the amazing and natural way he did. After years of reading “Outside” magazine and being drawn in by the pictures and stories of mountains and evergreens, I knew the beautiful Pacific Northwest was where I would make my home and go about changing the world in the best way I knew how…

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Meet Dr. Clem

I have loved being a chiropractor since 2004. The power of chiropractic and the ability of the human body to heal never ceases to amaze me. I am a member of a Chiropractic family and I can’t remember a time when chiropractic wasn’t a part of my life. I received my first chiropractic adjustment when I was two days old. I grew up hearing, “its time for your attitude adjustment” and off to the chiropractor (my uncle) I went. From sports injuries and performance to taking care of my family now chiropractic has always been a part of my life…

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Meet chiropractor Dr. Nathan Clem of Burien Wellness in Burien, WA.

What Makes Burien Wellness So Different?

Best Chiropractor Near Me in Burien, WA. Burien Wellness.

The team that works for you at Burien Wellness is dedicated to your health: physical and emotional. You are in good hands when you have a team in your corner who prioritizes your health and joy each time you enter the office. It is our goal each and every day to make sure that the time you spend with us is one of the best and most nurturing parts of your day because we know that health comes from more than just the adjustment… it also comes from the way you are treated. Expect that you will always be greeted with a smile and treated as the amazing person you are!

Discover How Burien Wellness Helps Families Transform Their Health

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The Families In Our Practice Are Safer & Healthier Than The Ones That Are Not

Elsa was 4 months old when she first came to Dr. Collins. I was at my wits end with different diagnoses of Colic, reflux, gastro intestinal problems. She wouldn’t eat or sleep and neither was anyone else. I asked a friend what she would do and after working with one of Dr. Collins’ colleagues she suggested Chiropractic. I thought it was a little crazy but after speaking with him and seeing him (the next day) I was convinced. She was a different baby after the first visit!!!! It was amazing.


Burien Wellness has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is friendly. All staff members have a smile on their face and are willing to help with anything I need. I look forward to seeing them each visit. I was referred by my previous chiropractor who retired and the results have been great! I have never done postural exercises or traction before and I’m glad that they have become part of my care plan and wow, what a big change! I sleep through the night more- I used to wake up almost every night until this new regimen of care.


A friend told me about Dr. Collins and how he helped her and after beginning care here I learned that it’s not just about fixing your back; it’s about keeping your body healthy. With the care that I have been receiving here I now no longer need to take my blood pressure medication! The environment here is always friendly filled with nice people and patients!

Years Combined Experience
Years Serving Burien Community
Families Helped
Adjustments Delivered

Our doctors have received advanced post-graduate training in pediatrics, pregnancy, and spinal correction that allow us to best serve people through the entire course of their life.

How The Better Stronger Healthier Plan Works

Stop masking the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem

Day 1 – Consultation

You will meet 1:1 with one of our Doctors where you will present your symptoms and desired goals. We will take digital x-rays and scans using advanced insight technology.

Day 2 – Report of Findings

You will again meet 1:1 with one of our Doctors where you will be presented with what your x-rays and scans revealed. From there we will have created a specialized plan for your healing to begin.

Day 3 and Beyond

This is where the magic happens and you will be welcomed into the Burien Wellness Community! Are you ready to partner with us on your healthy journey?

How Does Burien Wellness Help You Unleash Your Potential?

Digital X-ray Lab Near Me in Burien, WA. X-rays Near Me.
Digital X-Ray and Insight Scans
Chiropractic Adjustments Near Me in Burien, WA. Best Chiropractor.
Traction and Home Care Treatment Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For Traction Treatment.
Traction & Home Care
Bad Posture Habits Treatment Near Me in Burien, WA. Chiropractor For Better Posture.
Breaking Bad Habits

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What Could Not Fixing Your Problem Cost You Now & In The Future?

We all have limited resources; time, energy, money. We understand the pace of the modern day lifestyle. Kids. Work. Sports. Church. Appointments. Travel. You name it. At Burien Wellness we believe health is our first wealth. We take it for granted until we lose it, then we will spend any amount of time, energy, or money to get it back. Time: the longer we allow our health to hold us back, how much time does that cost you from doing the things you love? Time with your family. Time at work being efficient and feeling good. Time being able to work out and feel strong doing it. Energy: It requires a lot of energy to not feel good. It takes a lot of our internal resources to be sick all the time. Why spend it on not feeling good? The cumulative effect of living in pain and not feeling good puts us in a hole. It interferes with our sleep. It affects our relationships. Money: We all know money is a finite resource. When you can actually uncover the root cause of your problem and invest in correcting it you end up saving money. It costs more to live with a chronic health condition in the long run. Our goal is to help you regain time, energy and money. Every family is different, we all have our own algorithm for how we move about and interact in this world. At Burien Wellness we understand that which is why our care is customized to you and your family.

Chiropractic Care For Families Near Me in Burien, WA. Best Chiropractor.

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Best Chiropractor For Infants and Babies Near Me in Burien, WA.