Fish Oil and Vitamin D Now Available!

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During our first ten years of practice here in Burien, we have mostly limited our services in the clinic to chiropractic care.  That’s been for two reasons:

1) Burien is blessed to be a place with an abundance of natural healthcare providers who specialize in a wide variety of treatments.  If you needed something, chances are someone here in town can help you.  We wanted to build relationships with as many of those providers as possible so that we could best direct our patients when they needed something that we didn’t do.

2) It is hard to be excellent in anything when when you are trying to be excellent at everything.  We want to focus on being the best we can be for our community at removing interference from that thing you live your whole life through – your nervous system.  That requires a lot of our focus, and we didn’t want that focus diluted by trying to do a great job at things that other providers in Burien are already outstanding at.

My experience over the last few months has lead me to change that stance slightly.  There were some simple things that my family and I do on a daily basis that everyone needs in order to be healthy, but since it wasn’t chiropractic we didn’t share it with our patients.  We take supplemental Vitamin D and fish oil every day and I find that many of our patients do as well.  It is so simple and commonplace that we don’t tend to need the help of a healthcare provider to make it part of our routine.  Yet it is now so commonplace with so many different options, brands, prices and dosages that it has become confusing and overwhelming for people to figure out what they should be taking.

We have chosen our supplements based on two factors: is it absorbable and is it affordable?  Is it something that I am taking in a form that my body can recognize and absorb properly so that it can be effective?  And is such a high quality supplement affordable enough that our families can sustainably utilize them as a daily part of our health routine?  We have found two products that answer yes on both counts.

The healthy fats found in fish oil are necessary for the proper function of our nervous systems and vitamin D is essential to our overall health.  We have decided to make the two brands that we use available for sale in the office.  They are both incredible quality at an affordable price.  They are also not exclusive to our clinic.  You can even purchase them on Amazon and other retailers for virtually the same price.  We offer them in house to make you aware of their importance and make them convenient to access as of February 12th.

Should you have any questions about these two products, please ask any of us in the office.  As always, we are working to be excellent in chiropractic service to you, and it is important that anything not directly related to your chiropractic care doesn’t take away from that focus.  Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your team.

Dr. Collins


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