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“I am a poster child for recovery!” When I found Collins Chiropractic, I was in horrible pain. I couldn’t function on any level; I couldn’t move at all. My life had stopped. Over the course of several weeks, my symptoms went away and my x-rays improved. In addition to the great symptomatic relief I got, I also had other improvements, some of them quite unexpected. My toenails grew back and my shoe size became constant. The most important change though was in my emotions and spirit. The hope that I feel now is priceless. I had greatly benefited from chiropractic care in the past, but I stopped because my work hours changed and I didn’t make it a priority. Now I am completely committed to my maintenance care. It is absolutely a central, key part of my life. Dr. Collins and his staff make this a happy place. I always feel welcomed, like I belong here.” -Kevin


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